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Successful delivery of effective social activity, as part of an integrated digital campaign, combines science and art. At K.S.K we know that on and offsite analytics are married with smart, engaging and genuinely useful digital assets, deployed over core platforms: Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Facebook.
When we conduct social listening for our clients, we use a variety of tools to monitor conversations that happen online, mainly on public social media channels, but also on news sites and blogs.

Why is social listening important?

The purpose of social media listening is to find out what’s being said online about a particular brand, across a wider industry, or about a specific topic. Social media is said to be the ‘new word of mouth,’ and because every conversation is documented online, social media listening allows these conversations to be monitored and analyzed for marketing purposes.
Social listening can be as rudimentary as examining mentions of your brand, hashtag or keyword in a Twitter search, or as in-depth as using a specific tool to create Boolean queries looking for conversational patterns. Brands spend thousands of dollars each year conducting face-to-face focus groups and surveys - a bill which could be significantly reduced by introducing consumer intelligence in the form of social listening.

When we conduct social listening for our clients, we use a variety of tools to monitor conversations that happen online, mainly on public social media channels, but also on news sites and blogs.
For example, social listening can tell you the best times to talk about your product. Using social media data, a well-known TV channel targeting teenagers realized that the trends in the conversation around their brand varied differently from school time to vacation. Grasping this allowed them to make effective decisions about when to target their audience with online content for maximum effect.

Personal or audience development can answer many important questions such as:
  • Who is your audience?
  • what content do they engage with?
  • How can your brand make their lives easier?
  • Where can you reach them/what channels do they use regularly?
  • What are their needs/concerns?

We use social listening, analysis and other third-party tools to identify these key audience personas for your brand to help you make better content decisions. Keep these personas in mind when you create any content - whether it's video, social updates or blog posts - and you'll shape an audience-led strategy that is focused on relevancy, not guesswork.

The purpose of social media amplification

In today’s crowded digital landscape, your content can easily go unnoticed if it fails to stand out from the crowd or doesn’t reach your target audience, so a strong content asset must always be followed by a strong promotional plan.
Whether the goal of your content marketing campaign is lead generation, brand awareness, or social sharing, social media amplification is the vehicle that will drive your content marketing strategy to success. Social media amplification helps you engage your audience by sharing content that actually resonates with their wants and needs. It also helps your brand stand out from the crowd as a trusted thought leader in your industry. If your content is shared by a qualified audience, it generates positive conversations about your brand and helps you achieve your content marketing goals.

We can incorporate a reputation management strategy into your campaigns to help you build a solid brand image that your target audience associates with quality and trust.
In an age of transparency, social networking, and global media speculation, your digital reputation is key to your success. Our approach is driven towards engaging with your audience, listening to their feedback and answering inquiries, complaints, and comments in real time.

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